Becoming Elemental

An OLD, much less refined version of Healing The Human Animal - I am currently NOT working with the Native American Medicine Wheel.

An OLD, much less refined version of Healing The Human Animal - I am currently NOT working with the Native American Medicine Wheel.

“Becoming Elemental” is a concept that I have been working on for many years, and it originally began with learning about the Native American Medicine Wheel from a Caucasian man who trained with traditional Lakota medicine men for over 20 years, and was granted certain aspects of the “lineage” by them.

The Medicine Wheel in this context was organized not just “directionally”, as in the cardinal directions of North, East, West, and South and Center, but also “elementally”….that is, the 5 elements we know as Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit/Ether.

Before that, my practice did not really contain an organizational element that was tied to anything bordering on the “universal”…. it was this introduction of elemental powers, into the framework of my personal practice, that shifted my whole trajectory forward in a very particular way.

It allowed me to understand the notion of “balance” in a way that went beyond mere platitudes, and drove home our multidimensional selves, in a manner conducive to deep visceral experience.


I originally wrote an article on the “5 Elements as Archetypes in Fitness”, showcasing a somewhat more “physical fitness” orientated exposition of these traits.

However at this point, “Becoming Elemental” is one of the major orientations and “Meta-Models” of Healing The Human Animal, in a manner that encompasses the whole of someones life.

It is, when taken to its logical conclusion, a model that allows us to:

  • Increase the quality of our lives in a truly balanced manner

  • It fosters a deep sense of reconnection to the natural world

  • Cultivates our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vitality

  • Confers a sense of being “raw, organic and primal”

  • Places the spiritual process into naturalistic context

  • Unites the primal and the divine

Though it is a “model” and thus has an element of metaphor in it, it is also, in all likelihood not “all metaphor”, as we are quite literally created by the elements.

Many of the elements in the periodic table can also be broken down into the 5 classical elements, and the periodic table is not, as far as I can tell a disproving of the idea of 5 elements as building blocks of nature. Especially not when looked at like this:

Earth- Anything that is solid, metal, or material.

Air- Anything that is gaseous

Fire- Anything that is plasma-like

Water- Anything that is liquid

Ether- Anything that is ephemeral and spacious

It not need be LITERALLY earth, air, fire, water and ether to be accurate.

In Vedic philosophy, one of the oldest systems of thought and practical practices, ranging from martial arts to medicine, it is considered a truth that ANYTHING that you can interact with, including thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and orientations was elemental, because……what else could they be? They are the building blocks of the universe.

Thus “Becoming Elemental” is way to structure ones life, practice and inner world of attitudes, emotions and thought patterns, to own, and then also cultivate all the elements. To become something gritty, fundamental, multi faceted and highly developed.

earth air water fire (1).jpg

Here is a brief breakdown of how this can manifest in practice:

Earth Practice:

The Way of Ancestral Nutrition, Connecting with Nature, Speaking the Language of Nature, Caring for The Nest (your home), Seasonal Adjustments, Money Mastery,

Air Practice:

Breathing Exercises, Energetic/Qi Cultivation, Upper Limit Work, Musical Instruments, Resilience, Scholarly Pursuit, Liberal Education, Map Building, Archetypal Identity, Learning New Languages, Philosophy

Fire Practice

Sexuality, Purpose Driven Business, Working with Desire, Shadow and Light Work, Movement Practice, Passionate living, Compassion, Empathy,

Water Practice:

Sleep Optimization, Self Care Practices, Pair Bonding Behaviors, Vagal Maneuvers, Flow States, Dream Reflection, Baths, The Social Animal, Play, Deep Relaxation

Ether Practice:

Watching the Breath, Prayer, Trance, Magick & Spell-work, Ritual, Ceremony, Spiritual Ecosystem Work, State Shifting, Working with Gods, Divination