Getting More From The Primal Health Movement: A Spiritual Paradigm Shift

The primal health movement is an incredibly powerful paradigm shift that is currently occurring in our culture. While it does offer many practical tools and strategies for helping us improve our lives, in my experience there is something essential in the overall expression of this movement, that is missing.

And that is the ancestral “world view”

This cuts us off from the real roots of this movement and thus, limits it’s real power to actually transform our lives. So in this post, we are going to dive into that and really reclaim a deeper connection to the Primal Health Movement and what it actually can do for us.

Primal Health Movement is currently booming and that is kick ass because it is an awesome concept that can improve our lives greatly just at that level of practical strategy. There are however a few things that have occurred in this shift that have disconnected the Primal from it’s true power to free us from the chains that it is supposed to.

  1. The Primal is The Divine

The first cognitive dissociation I want to touch on is that The Primal is also actually The Divine and there is no separation between the two. It is only because of this domesticated culture, that we have that has taken what is clearly obvious, and that is that the primal world is also the creative force, and disconnected the two.


So when we are discussing the primal, we also have to tune into the reality that the primal is the innate, it is the fundamental, it is the core, the basic essence of creation that gives rise to all things in this universe.

At a human level, it is easy for us to connect to these primal realities by looking backwards to see the patterns that have existed with humanity the longest. Because they are the ones that are fundamental in the creation of the human species. Whether that creation comes from God or from evolution, makes no real difference in this case. We are just talking about the forces themselves that give rise to the world as we know it.

But looked at from a universal level, the stars, the sun, the moon, the quantum fields, the basic electromagnetism of the universe; all these forces of physics that mold and shape what we are; are in essence, the primal world.

So realistically, quantum particles are as primal, if not more primal than the ides of creating a fire or learning bush craft or learning to train in a certain way or eating a certain diet.


We have to expand out notions and our ideas of what the primal actually means. the practical strategies are just the easiest ways that we have as a human species in the context of being a human creature on this planet to tune into forces that are more primal than the ones that are currently given to us by our domesticated, civilized culture. A connection to the pattern given to us or bestowed upon us by evolution as an ancestral heritage, are a way for us to broaden the human experience, to include something that is larger than the ides currently given to us by present day society.

So that is where the true power is actually at; it is a way to connect to deeper, more fundamental forces that are involved in our creation.

So while we can get very practical needs met as we shift our diet, as we shift our training, as we shift our understanding of health and our place in the universe and connecting to the daily cycles of day light and night time in order to facilitate our circadian rhythm. There is also an internal shift and that is really the most powerful one, where we are freeing ourselves from this imposed regulations that don’t have anything to do with what we are innately designed for.

So this internal shift is what we really need to be after. What we need is to shift into deeper connection with the essence of creation and we can do that through these patterns and that is the beautiful thing about it. As we meet this very physical pragmatic needs, we can also meet deeper existential needs and unite the primal and the divine into one unity, the unity that they really are.

2. The Spiritual Ape


The second dissociation connects into the first one and that is that we are a spiritual ape or ‘the’ spiritual ape. In many ways, the anthropological records actually show us that we have been devoted to something, that we have been praying to something or that we have seen a vital force in nature for a very very long time.

So the idea that we are designed for spiritual experience is not really a new one. I mean, there are actually parts on your brain that are designed specifically to experience ecstatic religious rapture.

If you were to actually stimulate them electrically, what you would get is religious rapture that blows us away…. and that comes from just stimulating a part of your brain.

Because of that, it is pretty clear that spiritual experience and seeking divine connection is within us innately. So connecting to divine forces or being able to connect to something larger than us is part of being a human being. Some of us pray in our physical practice and some of us pray at temples, the important thing to remember is that we are not just a bag of meat and we are not just some ghost controlling some avatar, we are something that is both.


A way that can actually help tune us into both and really clarify this reality for us, is the incredibly powerful spiritual experiences that people can have taking some of the teacher plants like peyote or Ayahuasca.

Here, we are taking what we consider to be just a plant growing out of the earth and it can blow us out of our small tiny little sense of self and connect us to something deeper.

Here, you have these extremely primal spirits. In a sense, you could say they are literally growing from the dirt and yet connecting us to the deepest and most powerful spiritual truths. Our species have been using these sorts of teacher plants for an extremely long time. Some people have even proposed the idea that it was the consumption of psychedelics mixed with certain environmental factors that allowed us to sprout our extremely complex brain. While that is not necessarily proven, it is really interesting to think about.

So we have to own the fact that spiritual experience is part of “being primal”.

3. Human Adulthood

Dissociation number three is about connecting to human adulthood. Human adulthood is the idea that we get from studying domesticated animals. Realizing that part of the process of domestication, is that you actually keep the species from becoming its full blown adult version. This is actually pretty clear with wolves and for those of you who follow my work, you would know that at the time of this video, I actually live and work in a wolf sanctuary.


One of the things I have learned from watching them are that wolves become adults whereas, dogs stay childlike or puppy like their whole lives. This process is called to neotenize. Neoteny is something that we do to a species in order to keep it in what is referred to as “perpetual adolescence”.

So by keeping a species in perpetual adolescence, we negate it’s ability to enter full adulthood hormonally, mentally, emotionally and physically. This is done in order to have a better ability to control them. So between the ages of 2 and 4, a wolf would actually begin to shift. One of the biggest differences between dogs and wolves is that between the ages of 2 and 4, a wolf radically changes into something that is very different from what it was in the previous couple of years.


In a lot of ways, a wolf puppy is actually like a dog; it is friendly, it is playful, it is trusting, it is curious, it would let you sort of manhandle it and control it. But between the age frame, this puppyhood behavior completely shifts; the animal becomes more preditorial, more territorial, more independent, has way bigger boundaries and is not going to let you manhandle it at all.

This is actually most of the time that we get our calls to rescue a wolf; it is when it has made this adulthood shift. Because suddenly, this puppy like creature that people have been raising their whole lives is gone and no more, it has become an adult wolf.

In many ways, you can say that a dog is like a wolf puppy that never grows up into a wolf adult.

So this same process is happening in humans right now; our independence, our ability to be who we want to be, to do the things that we want to do and to cast off the shackles imposed upon us by these parental figures so to speak; such as government, religion, politics, it is stifled and is generally met with a lot of disdain when we do try to shift into adulthood or to try and do our own thing.


What is important to understand is that all these authoritative institutions are all vying for your mind, they are all vying for your belief systems and they are still vying to control your life. They are all very quick to tell you how to think, to tell you what to eat, what to do, what is moral, what is immoral.

Thus, they rob you of your own sovereignty and your own independence and your own capacity to make those decisions for yourself. The society that we currently have is designed to keep you in this perpetual adolescence, to keep you as a child, to prevent you from become a full on independent, wild adult human being.

So you have to take responsibility for yourself, for your own belief systems, for your own morality, for your own body and for your own life. It is the shackle that we must cast off, it is the prison that we must escape and that is what the primal can help us do that.

What we need is metamorphosis, it is just the completion of an innate process that has been stifled. We need not go out and try to create the wheel, this process is inside of us and has been completed my many many human beings before us, we just have to tune into it.

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