The Way of Ancestral Nutrition - Ebook

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The Way of Ancestral Nutrition - Ebook

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Are you tired of the controversy in the diet world? 

Is emotional wounding driving your food choices?

Do you want to transform your relationship with food? 



When I wrote The Way of Ancestral Nutrition, I knew I did not want to create another diet book. There are just too many of them out there, and most of them are useless because they present their particular configuration of foods as the "unicorn": the perfect diet for everyone that will solve every problem. 


Sorry to tell you, but the perfect diet for everyone does not exist. 



Instead, I wrote a treatise to food, that looks at the human condition through the lens of what we eat. 


After overcoming a variety of health issues.......

Incessantly researching for over a decade.......

Seeing the trends and contradictory recommendations of all the top experts.....

Witnessing many different people thrive on many different diets...



I realized the only two universal things are the individual and whole foods. 


If you want to escape the struggle of not knowing what to eat, a gift and curse only available to the most versatile omnivore on the planet, this book can help. 


The information in this book is true to its name, as it is a "way", not only in its practical application but in understanding our food choices as an art, and dance that moves with us and our circumstances throughout life. 



---What you will get with The Way of Ancestral Nutrition Ebook---


-A roadmap that will allow you to experiment with, and take responsibility for your food choices

-A look into the psychosomatic struggles that may be interfering with your ability to get your needs met at the fundamental level of food

-Exercises that will explore and remove the blockages you may have around being nourished

-A look into the thought process of our ancestors and how they related to food, and how you can apply that in today's world

-How to NOT be nostalgic and attempt to recreate ancestral diets, but use their wisdom as a platform to create your best individual diet today

 -A look into the benefits and dangers of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats

-A surefire method of improving your digestion

-A look into our ancient primal relationship with the earth and how that is relevant to our future as children of the space age