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Intelligent, well thought our movement programs can be deeply healing, and are essential to greater levels of aliveness. The programs are some of the smartest and useful PROGRAMS I have ENCOUNTERED. 

A daily movement practice is something that is necessary and fundamental to any spiritual practice, it is through elevating our bodies, to the levels of our spirit that true growth can be solidified and integrated into our daily lives.  

There are few things as important as reconnecting and healing to our physicality


Although technology can be severely abused and become a detrimental distraction, to deny the usefulness of some tech, is simply nonsensical. At one point I was highly resistant to it, for some imagined nostalgic ideal of of living like our hunter gather brethren and being a "purist". 

I can say without a doubt that some pieces of technology have been immensely helpful to me. I have come to believe that the best future for humanity will be one that is a fusion f nature and technology. 

In this section, some of the best stuff I use is present. 


Nutrition is the fundamental ground on which we build our wildness, health and aliveness. To ignore the deeply essential nature of nutrition on our transformative paths is a major mistake. 

Our structure, hormones, neurotransmitters, gut microbiome, impact on nature, and relationship to ourselves is all influenced strongly by what we do and do not eat. 

Check out this section for some high quality resources to heal your relationship with food.