Consultation Services

I am looking forward to communicating with you. Please reach out for assistance with any of the following intentions:

  • Health challenges as vehicles for growth

  • Restore a connection to oneself and the world at large

  • Rewilding the spirit

  • Sexual mastery

  • Feel as though you actually belong in your body

  • Pacify Kundalini syndrome

  • Become more expressive

  • Heal meaninglessness and a lack of purpose

  • Emotional wounding and trauma

  • Understand how ritual and ceremony are wild human birthrights

Deals are available for multiple hours (contact me):

General Consult (Phone or Zoom) - One Hour : $75 -

Health Challenges as a Transformative Vehicle Consult (Phone or Zoom) - 90 Minutes: $100.00

Kundalini Syndrome Consult (Phone or Zoom) - One Hour: $50.00

10 Email Back and Forth Correspondence: $25

Please send me an email at, with a request, 5 available times for you, and the type of consult you would like. We can then set up a date and time that works for both of us, I will send you a paypal link for payment and then we can do our work.