Discover how to unlock more energy, shed limiting beliefs, connect to your innate wildness and heal emotional wounds

Healing the Human Animal, is a framework of personal development, and psychosomatic healing, built around our primal heritage as a wild homosapien on planet earth.  It seeks to put the process of personal transformation and physical healing within this naturalistic context and take advantage of the implications it presents to us in terms of our personal evolution..

My Name is Ramon Castellanos and I am here to help you become a fully integrated home grown human. We do this by cultivating deep inner awareness in order to facilitate the shedding of limiting beliefs, emotional barriers and physical disconnection that stifles out our aliveness. By bringing the wild world back into the status of a fundamental spiritual truth, we help to heal the disconnect of mind, emotions and body currently woven into most of our culture. In doing so, very practical and existential needs can be met simultaneously.

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Get access to 3 free resources I have created for you to help you in your quest to become more alive. 

  • A beautifully put together 54 page e-book called "20 Steps to Becoming More Alive". It is an authentic and unique breakdown of tools you can use to bring a greater sense of depth and aliveness into your life.

  • A 21 Page excerpt from my book, "The Way of Ancestral Nutrition", with strategies you could immediately apply and start benefiting from right away. Its not just another nutrition book.

  • My original "Heart Based Meditation", which is fantastic way to connect with the intelligence of the heart, heal emotional wounds and reduce stress. It draws from Buddhism, Daoism and the modern science of neurocardiology. It also comes with a companion workbook to the meditation to help you get the most out of it.


Meet Ramon

My name is Ramon Castellanos. I was a very sickly, depressed and obese child who at a very young age experienced an incredibly destabilizing, profound and energetic spiritual awakening. My journey has been one of finding stability, transformation, health, freedom and the love of life. I would like to help you do the same.

At healing the human animal you can learn and connect with a variety of tools that can empower you to effectively pursue:

  • Balanced Personal Development

  • Vibrant Health

  • Mental Paradigm Shifts

  • Emotional Healing

  • Primal Re-connection



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