Free Guide Teaches You How To Be More Alive In Just 20 Steps

My name is Ramon Castellanos, and I would like to offer you a:

free e-book

to assist you in your process, towards a greater sense of aliveness. Its a book I wrote to outline 20 powerful steps that can be taken to help you:

  • Ignite deep transformation

  • Improve your health

  • Enhance your sexuality

  • Awaken the mind

  • Connect to your primal core

  • Heal Emotional Wounds

  • Fuel a sense of Purpose

  • Cultivate your awareness 

Cultivate sexulaity - 20 steps.PNG
Meditate - 20 steps.PNG
Unleash your wildness- 20 steps.PNG

Along with the e-book you will also gain free access to:

  • A free heart based guided meditation & Accompanying Workbook

  • A free section of my book "The way of ancestral Nutrition"

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Heart Centering Manual Photo 1.PNG